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Duo Sostenuto

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One hundred years after its birth in 1921, the Duo Sostenuto returns to the great Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla.

At the crossroads of all types of music, Astor Piazzolla's tango finds an increasingly wide resonance in our society among all age groups.

Tango was born in Buenos Aires in 1882. The first instruments to play it are the guitar and the flute (it is only later that the piano and then the bandoneon are added). It is for the flute-guitar duo that Piazzolla composed his Histoire du Tango.

Indeed, this formation is ideal to find the spirit of this music at the same time rhythmic and sensual.


Piazzolla occupies a special place in the history of the Duo Sostenuto:


For Benoît: "My encounter with Piazzolla's music took place simultaneously with that of the Argentinean guitarist Roberto Aussel. Fascinated by his recording of the pieces for solo guitar of which he is the dedicatee, I found myself playing Romantico (the second one) after barely a year on the guitar. This meeting was decisive and afterwards, I cultivated this passion by working with Alvaro Pierri, Uruguayan guitarist and Astor Piazzolla's duettist".


For Marie-Laure: "Although I received a flute education in the purest tradition of the French Flute School with notably Michel Debost and Michel Moragues, I have always been attracted by the Latin American culture and listening to Astor Piazzolla was a shock for me.

It is with his Histoire du Tango for flute and guitar that we started the work of the duo and I was probably one of the first flutists to have his Etudes Tanguistiques in my library".


Otoño del 89 brings together tangos by Astor Piazzolla with works and composers that marked his childhood and nourishes his compositions through his own work.


Total duration : 61'00

Year 2020

Duo Sostenuto

"Song of the moon" honors opera in all its richness and diversity. From mythical arias to brilliant fantasies, the great moments of the Opera are sublimated by the Duo Sostenuto.
The flute expresses with grace and poetry the warmth and lyricism of the voice, the guitar slips wonderfully into the richly colored costume of the orchestra.

The moon is an emblematic and marvelous star that has always fascinated and nourished the imagination of philosophers, painters, poets and musicians. It is at the origin of the two jewels of purity that are "Song to the moon" and "Casta Diva" which frame the repertoire of this recording.


But beyond these two masterpieces, it is the magical world of opera that is honored here. Opera has always given rise to a multitude of compositions related to its works: transcriptions of arias, caprices, fantasies, variations, paraphrases of opera arias mark the history of music. This repertoire has largely contributed to the popularity of the genre by allowing its diffusion in all kinds of concert venues in order to reach audiences not necessarily fortunate enough to go to the opera.


This is also the meaning of the approach of the Duo Sostenuto: to move, to communicate one's passion, to bring dreams by making people discover or rediscover in another form and thanks to this repertoire, operas rarely performed in their original version. The richness of the timbres and colors as well as the technical and expressive possibilities of the flute and the guitar have allowed Benoît ROULLAND to realize arrangements that faithfully retranscribe the musical universe of each opera approached.

Total duration : 56'20

Year 2017

Duo Sostenuto

Behind this sensitive and passionate universe hides the Slavic soul: transcended by a deep despair, she offers us a contrasting waltz of feelings, sublimated by an overflowing energy.

Year 2014


Duo Sostenuto

Between the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century, Pyrenean artists were at the center of the revival of Spanish music and the affirmation of the nationalist movement. The flute, symbol of French elegance, and the guitar, emblem of Spain unite to illuminate this period and highlight these composers from different regions of the French and Spanish Pyrenees, all strongly involved in this evolution.

Year 2008


Duo Sostenuto

Duo Sostenuto proposes a recital around sacred music with a work specially recorded for the fiftieth anniversary of the heavy apparitions. It also offers magnificent pieces by Berlioz, Piazzolla, Massenet...

Year 2007

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