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“In Mademoiselle’s Salon”


"I loved her as much as I hated her": here are the words of Michel Legrand on the subject of Nadia Boulanger. A ruthless demand mixed with tenderness and an unfailing sense of humor: "Mademoiselle" for her students, was undoubtedly one of the greatest French teachers of the last century. His demanding but stimulating musical and pedagogical thinking influenced the entire 20th century...

The Duo Sostenuto  is passionate about this extraordinary musical personality and offers for  a  eclectic and exciting program in which the great teacher is evoked through the music of her own master (Fauré), that of her friends Stravinsky and Ravel, of her great love Raoul Pugno, of her sister Lili  and some of his most illustrious students and disciples (Bernstein, Piazzolla).

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