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With more than 500 concerts to his credit, the Duo Sostenuto is unique.  

With passion, audacity and brilliance, they take on the most beautiful works of the great repertoire.

A chamber music ensemble of reference

that creates wonder and emotion.

Duo Sostenuto
Duo Sostenuto

"They are both sympathetic and talented musicians who respond intelligently and with great enthusiasm to the demands of whatever music they play. They are both excellent performers"

Sigmund Nissel
Founding Member of the AMADEUS Quartet

“A huge talent that deserves massive recognition.

It's a pleasure to listen to them!"


Evocations full of finesse, rigor and precision, energy and passion, total symbiosis in the glances that cross each other and the songs that answer each other: a luminous game for two soul mates.

With only six strings and the singing of a flute, the Duo Sostenuto offers its audience the strength, colors and evocative power of a symphony orchestra.

Under the pen of Benoît Roulland, the works are reborn in a new form, adapted to the universe and the physiognomy of the duo.
The public can thus discover an opera, a symphony, a sonata, or a tango, in a new light. 

Its original sound identity is based on a thousand-year-old tradition : like the oud and the ney in the Middle East, the magical combination of flute and guitar allows a particularly fine balance of sound and an infinite possibility of colors.   

With enthusiasm and excellence, he embodies a unique artistic project, far from any a priori.

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"The Duo Sostenuto thrilled its audience"

The Journal of Saône-et-Loire

"The public moved to tears..."

The mountain

"Divine, beyond all... an immense emotion..."

The small newspaper

"A pure delight... an exceptional talent..."

The Republic of the Pyrenees

"The Duo Sostenuto has reached the heights..."

South West

"A pure delight... A magical moment..."


"A simply incredible fusional dynamic..."

The Republican

"Two artists who enchant us.

A captivating duo..."

The Dauphine

"An artistic force mixed with fervor and ardor..."

The Midi Dispatch

Music for all


Free of any logistic constraint, the Duo Sostenuto, performs in the usual concert halls as well as in more intimate or unusual places.
This allows them to reach all audiences, including those in rural areas, where music is generally more difficult to access.

Moreover, the programs of the Duo Sostenuto are always articulated around a theme: they tell a story, that of a period, a current or a musical form.

Each work is preceded by a presentation, intended to prepare the listener to embark on this musical journey.

The Duo Sostenuto arouses the enthusiasm of all audiences: experienced musicians, passionate listeners or those who are not initiated to classical music, all are transported by their exceptional talent.


Young Audience


Motivated by a desire to share and the ambition to create links between all, the Duo Sostenuto likes to transmit its passion for music to young listeners.
Several awareness-raising actions can thus be set up prior to a performance.
From educational concerts to interventions in schools and conservatories, the Duo Sostenuto has many resources to stimulate the curiosity of young audiences.

Duo Sostenuto
Duo Sostenuto

"You are magnificent! What an inspiration! I wanted to smile, dance, even cry with you. What liveliness! Thank you."


Sali Jasper

"What games full of light, which fills the soul with happiness.

Thank you for that."


Mireille et Jojo

"Quel plaisir d'écouter deux très grands musiciens dans un cadre aussi enchanteur."


Brigitte et Alain

"Bravo, what sensuality, a real pleasure to hear such performers."



"A bewitching flute with a guitar of a clarity and warm tone of a very rare quality of execution that transports us to the skies of perfection.


A real challenge: only with two instruments... What quality! 


An immense talent that deserves massive recognition. It is a pleasure to listen to you!"


"They are both sympathetic and talentued musicians who respond intelligently and with great enthusiasm to the demands of whatever music they play.They are both excellent performers"

Sigmund NISSEL
Founding Member of the AMADEUS Quartet

"Bravo for your extraordinary talent as great musicians and thank you for giving us the night of our dreams."


J.Yves du Vercors

"Thank you and bravo, for this moment when so much beauty lifts the soul and gladdens the heart."



"Enchanting evening.

A thousand thanks and your talent moves us so much."

J. Puylaubert

"Thank you for all the happiness you bring us. You transport us to a world of dreams. Bravo and good continuation."


Des lyonnais



Marie-Laure BOUILLON
+33 6 19 07 51 23
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